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Illinois is friendlier to EVs than you think

A recent Forbes article about electric vehicles cited a study rating all 50 states on EV friendliness, and Illinois came in 14th. But the study missed a huge bonus for Illinois EV owners that should bump the state higher up the list.

One factor the study looked at was the relative cost to charge an EV versus filling up at the pump:

But this doesn’t take into account the savings from hourly pricing programs offered by ComEd and Ameren Illinois.

“Their analysis overestimates the cost to charge an EV in Illinois because it overlooks the real-time pricing option Illinois utilities offer,” said Eric DeBellis, CUB policy analyst and attorney. “If you have an EV, you can expect to cut the rate you pay to charge by about 20% if call your utility, switch to real-time pricing, and charge your car overnight when the price is the lowest.”

For more information on using real-time pricing to cut the cost of charging your electric vehicle, read CUB’s publication Charge for Less: An Analysis of Hourly Electric Pricing for Electric Vehicles.