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How electric vehicles could cut your power bill, even if you don’t drive

The surging popularity of electric vehicles on American roads could actually lower power bills for all electric consumers, even those who don’t own cars, a new CUB study found. The key is for policymakers to adopt key measures necessary to manage how EVs get charged. The study, Charging Ahead: Deriving…...

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Illinois is friendlier to EVs than you think

A recent Forbes article about electric vehicles cited a study rating all 50 states on EV friendliness, and Illinois came in 14th. But the study missed a huge bonus for Illinois EV owners that should bump the state higher up the list. One factor the study looked at was the…...

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My Electric Vehicle Acid Test

for Medium.com by David Kolata, CUB’s Executive Director I could say I’m pumped — but that’s not quite right, given that I’ve bypassed the gas station. Maybe ‘juiced’ is a better way to describe how I feel about my first electric vehicle (“EV”), a 2018 Chevy Bolt. The new 2018 Chevy Bolt and…...

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CUB releases first of its kind electric vehicle guide

The growing popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) will eventually bring major changes in electricity consumption. But EVs could be a key to creating a more efficient electricity system and lower rates for consumers—if state regulators, public utilities and consumer advocates work together to develop the right policies, according to a…...

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