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Another Reason Illinois Must Act

Last week, President Trump reversed a 1968 decision allowing California to set more stringent car emissions standards than the federal government—a blow to the growing electric vehicle (EV) industry.

Here’s why we should care about this in Illinois:

1) The latest move by the Administration just reinforces the urgency of states taking their own steps to work for a future with clean, affordable energy. That’s why in Illinois it’s vital we fight for the Clean Energy Jobs Act in the Fall Veto Session in October!

2) Because of California’s size, any setback to its clean energy policy can have national ramifications. The White House’s decision is bad for air quality of course, but it’s also bad for your bottom line: CUB’s own studies have shown that electrification can lead to lower bills even for people who don’t drive.

Even some car manufacturers oppose this move to trample on a state’s authority to set its own clean energy agenda. Tell the White House: Restore California’s authority to set auto emissions standards!