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CUB releases new infographics, including COVID-19 alert

Below is our gallery of new infographics, including an important update on utility consumer protections during the COVID-19 crisis. CUB thanks the Heising-Simons Foundation for a generous grant that helped us create this series of infographics about important consumer issues. Important utility customer protections during the COVID-19 Crisis Are you…...

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Did real-time pricing help electricity customers save in 2018?

by Cate York, Sustainable Communities Liaison at CUB Working as an outreach staffer for CUB takes me all over the state to talk to folks about how to save money on their utility bills. One of my favorite cost-saving measures to talk about is real-time pricing.  As any dedicated reader…...

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Illinois is friendlier to EVs than you think

A recent Forbes article about electric vehicles cited a study rating all 50 states on EV friendliness, and Illinois came in 14th. But the study missed a huge bonus for Illinois EV owners that should bump the state higher up the list. One factor the study looked at was the…...

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We have a winner!

We have a winner in the CUB energy efficiency survey.  Congratulations to John H. of Glendale Heights, who will receive $100 off his utility bills! CUB is alerting Illinois residents to special pricing programs and energy efficiency incentives offered by the utilities that can help you save big on your utility bills. More than 1,900 people…...

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New meters = new opportunities to save

CUB has been highlighting some of the worst electric deals this week with our report on the state of the Illinois electric market. But it’s not all bad news! In fact, the gradual introduction of digital electric meters has opened the door to all kinds of unique pricing plans that could…...

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Polar vortex price spike? Read all about it!

At about the same time the “polar vortex” slammed Illinois with record cold this month—it also generated some heat from consumers who complained to CUB about an unheard of spike in electricity prices. That’s right, electricity prices. About eight out of 10 Illinois homes heat with natural gas—so what business…...

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