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[New Info] Picking ComEd Customer Pockets

20180109_ElectricityIssues_enews.jpgUPDATE: Today, CUB’s lawyers are filing comments before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). We’re protesting a proposal that CUB Executive Director Dave Kolata told Crain’s Chicago Business could have “devastating consequences for Illinois consumers.” And we need your help!

For months we’ve been warning that a plan to redesign the nation’s largest electricity market could cost ComEd customers like you hundreds of millions of dollars. But a new analysis shows it could be much worse:

Up to $8 billion a year in higher electric bills across the 13 states that make up the regional power grid including northern Illinois.

So why the push to revamp this electricity market and jack up our bills? Because big fossil-fuel generators (coal-fired power plants) hate Illinois’ Future Energy Jobs Act. It promotes renewables, expands energy efficiency, reduces our power prices—and kills generator profits.

Consumers across the state have worked so hard to lower electric bills—and now coal-fired power plant operators and Washington bureaucrats are threatening to punish us for it.

We’ll fight this before FERC and in court—and if necessary we’ll fight to fix this before the Illinois General Assembly.

This plan will gouge Illinois consumers, but not enough people know about it. That’s why CUB is asking you to alert your state legislators by signing our petition.


Thank you for standing with us in this fight! We need you.