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Don’t let the big water companies silence you

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This time of year, CUB’s at the State Capitol—and today we need your help to take on the big water companies.

We hear a lot of complaints about high rates from Aqua and Illinois American, the state’s two biggest private water corporations. Unfortunately, Illinois law permits them to buy any public water system and slap 100% of the costs on their existing customers.

Get this: Over the last two years, Aqua and Illinois American have spent a total of $148 million of ratepayer dollars on such purchases.

That’s why CUB is fighting for Senate Bill 2745. It would require municipalities to hold a referendum before selling off a public water and sewer system.

The water lobbyists hate this bill. That’s why we need to keep fighting for it. Please urge your legislators to give you a voice on such an important issue as water privatization.