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Tell the White House: Illinois wants clean and affordable energy

We talk a lot about how some energy regulators appointed by President Trump have voted to revamp a special electricity market called the “capacity market.” And for months we’ve been warning that this development at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) could slam most Illinois consumers with up to $1.7 billion in higher power bills over the next decade.

Our supporters have been so helpful letting Springfield know that we need to protect consumers from the FERC increase. Let’s make sure the White House also gets the message: Illinois wants clean and affordable energy!

We know this issue has been dragged out, partly because consumer advocates have been challenging FERC’s move and also because the pandemic has caused delays. Please don’t lose your energy to fight these FERC hikes—they have been set in motion for years to come and we must try to block them!

Please tell the White House we want clean, affordable power!