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Electric/water/gas issues, clean energy top list of consumer interests

People on CUB’s email list are most interested in electric, water and natural gas news, with clean energy and telecom topics a close second, according to a survey of supporters of the watchdog group.

Throughout the month of January, CUB asked supporters to fill out a survey, “What CUB content do you like?” Participants were entered in a giveaway to win a $100 prize. (Congratulations to Mike from Geneva for taking the top prize!)

Here are the categories we listed in the survey, in the order of what received the most votes:

  • Electric, water and natural gas news/issues.
  • Clean energy (efficiency, solar, community solar).
  • Telecom/internet/cable news/issues.
  • Updates from CUB (Feature stories about staff, volunteers).

One survey taker asked for more in-depth coverage of bills before the General Assembly: “Thank you for your efforts, it’s greatly appreciated and helps me stay up to date on things of interest in our legislature.”

Another wants to see more tips on cutting phone and internet bills: “Those fees keep rising–at this point, for several months in the year they exceed my gas and electric bills.”

Another consumer asked CUB to “focus on renters and low-income (issues), COVID-19 and other pandemic concerns:”

Thank you to everyone who filled out our survey! This will help us create better e-newsletters for 2021.

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