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Natural gas prices hold steady in February

Natural gas prices for February are largely holding steady from last month, with no utility fluctuating more than 3 cents per therm from January.

The price per therm you’re paying for natural gas in February, also known as the Purchased Gas Adjustment, or PGA, is shown in the chart below. It includes PGAs from this month, last month and February 2020 for comparison. Hover your mouse over the graphic to show prices.

Ameren and North Shore both dropped their rates a few pennies from last month, to 35.68 cents and 38.33 cents, respectively. Despite this, North Shore has the highest rate per therm for the month.

MidAmerican, Peoples Gas and Nicor customers should all see a slight increase in price from January. MidAmerican’s rate jumped up three cents to 34.73 cents per therm and Nicor to 30 cents. Peoples Gas, although its rate increased, has the lowest price for February at 29.4 cents.

Compared to last February, North Shore’s rate crept up nearly 8 cents per therm, a 25 percent increase. MidAmerican customers saw a 6 cent jump.

Reminder: You cannot switch to another utility. Utility service territories are geographic: Your utility is determined by where you live. Nicor, Peoples Gas and North Shore Gas can switch to alternative suppliers, but that market has been plagued by bad deals and rip-offs. The regulated utility prices, listed in this article, are probably your best bet.