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Wanna see cute pets? Browse our #WatchdogWednesday submissions!

    February was Responsible Pet Owners’ Month, and we wanted to celebrate by hosting a giveaway and inviting our supporters to submit their pet photos for us to showcase on CUB’s Instagram page. Every Wednesday, we like to raise awareness for different utility issues by featuring a cute pet on our Instagram page. We call it #WatchdogWednesday.

    Congratulations to Daniela and her dog Chispita, who won a $50 gift certificate to the pet store of their choice!

    You’ll see these cute pets in the coming weeks on our Instagram page, but we wanted to share the love and thank everyone for their pet photo submissions! Check out these cool pets who support clean, affordable energy and consumer rights:

    Meet Clementine, a kitty who supports saving energy by turning off the lights, using the dishwasher and washing machine after 9 p.m. (when demand is lower), and more!

    Thank you Elizabeth for your submission!

    Meet Kevin, who says he supports CUB because “you guys fight for Illinois customers and always keep us informed!”

    Thanks Gina for your submission!

    Meet Tom, a polydactyl cat who supports clean energy.

    Thanks Sarah for your submission!

    Meet Jovie, who supports CUB because “they are continuously looking out and fighting for all consumers in Illinois!”

    Thank you Bob for your submission!

    Meet Heidi! “I support CUB because [they] help me save money on my telecom and utility bills, [and they] make me aware of the tricks used by these utilities to raise my rates.” Thanks for your support, Heidi.

    Thank you Fred for your submission!

    Meet Tyrion, who was a former stray cat and a friend until he was taken in.

    Thank you Joe for your submission!

    Meet Duke, who supports CUB for fighting hard to keep rates low, even with ongoing utility corruption.

    Thank you Thomas for your submission!

    Meet Wanda and Winnie, who love clean and affordable energy for all Illinoisans.

    Thank you Cate for your submission!

    Meet Remy: “I support CUB for the terrific advocacy they provide to utility consumers in Illinois, and why it is important that we all keep vigilant. We can’t fall asleep for a minute.”

    Thank you John for your submission!

    Meet Chispita, who supports CUB because “they’re always looking out for customers in Illinois.”

    Thank you Daniela for your submission!

    Meet Zeph, who could talk your ear off about water privatization and consumer rights.

    Thanks Hannah for your submission!

    Meet Leo DiCaprio: “I support CUB because they are for the people and they protect consumers!” Thanks, Leo.

    Thank you Amanda for your submission!

    Meet Little Bit.

    Thank you Arlene for your submission!