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CUB’s Virtual Utility Bill Clinic

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, CUB brought back a popular service: virtual utility-bill clinics.

How it works: Send us a copy of your electric, natural gas and telecom bills. A CUB specialist will look them over to see if you’re signed up with an alternative supplier or if you’re paying for unnecessary products and services.

They will also let you know how your usage compares to other consumers, tell you if you’re eligible for money-saving programs (including financial assistance) and guide you to free energy-efficiency products and services.

The details: Email a copy of your most recent electric, natural gas, and telecom bills to CUB at [email protected].

Feel free to redact your personal information, but be sure to include the account holder’s name. Once your bills have been analyzed, a CUB staffer can send their findings to you via email, or, if you’d like, they can schedule a phone or videoconference call with you to review your bills.

We will do everything in our power to send you our bill analysis within the month.

Need help submitting your bills? Watch our tutorial video!