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Chicago rental assistance deadline extended to June 15

The application period for the Chicago Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) has been extended through June 15. The program, administered through the City of Chicago’s Department of Housing, provides rental assistance to eligible community members who have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

ERAP will provide funds of up to 12 months of unpaid rent and three months of future rent payments for eligible tenants. To be eligible, you must:

  • Live in Chicago
  • Have suffered a hardship due to COVID-19, such as job loss, reduced hours or illness within the household
  • Be at risk of housing instability
  • Have earned less than the maximum household income listed below during 2020 or at the time of application
Household size Income Limit
1 $52,200 
2 $59,650 
3 $67,100 
4 $74,550 
5 $80,550 
6 $86,500 

Consumers can apply online here: https://chicago.unqork.io/#/workflow/anonymouspreeligibilityflow/welcome. To apply in person, or if you need help with your application, visit one of the community-based organizations listed here.

To complete an application, tenants must have the following information:

  • A government-issued photo ID
    • Eligible documents: driver’s license, state ID, CityKey ID card, green cards, U.S. or foreign passports or any other U.S. or foreign photo ID
  • Proof of address (if the address on your ID is not current)
    • Eligible documents: a bank or credit card statement, utility bill, lease, or other document showing your current address
  • Proof of household income
    • Eligible documents: paystubs, tax forms, bank statements, signed statement from your employer or case worker, or a signed statement from the applicant
  • Proof of the amount of monthly rent paid
    • Eligible documents: lease, statement from landlord, bank statements, check stubs showing a pattern of paying rent, or other documents showing a pattern of paying rent
    • Tenants who do not have one of these documents will be eligible for three months of rental assistance based on typical housing costs for their zip code.
  • Most recent utility bill (if applying for utility assistance)
  • Landlord’s contact information (email or phone number)

If you need assistance in completing the application, contact the ERAP Call Center at 312-698-0202. Translation service is available.

Landlords can also apply for assistance on behalf of a tenant. Landlords may also register their properties using the online application and be notified if a tenant has started the application process for rental assistance.