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The worst utility bill of 2021? No surprise here: Natural gas!

Congratulations to Candice of Lake Zurich on winning CUB’s $100 prize for participating in our “Most Expensive Utility Bill of 2021” poll. Candice’s submission was randomly selected from over 300 participants. Like most other respondents, Candice said their natural gas bill was the worst: 

My gas bill in December 2020 was $118. In December 2021, my bill was $235. There was no significant change in usage, in fact one could argue that Dec. 2021 was warmer than 2020 so I used LESS heat but was charged twice as much.”

With 135 votes, natural gas took the crown as the most consistently expensive utility bill for Illinois consumers last year. Another consumer wrote, “Natural gas is going to bankrupt me!” Remember, CUBHelpCenter.com is available to Illinois consumers and provides resources to help manage your gas bills.

In second place was cable/TV bills with 99 votes. Here’s what a consumer from Buffalo Grove said about their cable bill, “It was Internet and cable together…over 250.00 each month. I cut the cord and started streaming. I am now saving over 100.00 per month.” (Check out CUB’s Guide to Cutting Your TV Costs for more tips on saving on your cable bill.)

Electric bills came in third with 90 total votes. One consumer from Chicago provided us with their electric bill costs in the final months of the year saying, “Sept. bill: $115, Oct. bill: $102, Nov. bill: $315. WHAT???!”

Internet, water and telecom bills rounded out the poll with 20, 13 and 10 votes, respectively. Thanks to Candice and everyone else who took the time to let us know about their most expensive utility of 2021! In 2022, we are dedicated to doing everything we can to help you all reduce your costs.