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Breaking news about your cable and internet bills (opportunities to take action)

We have important updates about your cable and internet bills–some good news, some hopeful news and some bad news (along with a call to action).

The good news: FCC cracks down on “junk fees”

In March, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) stood up for consumers and cracked down on deceptive “junk fees.” Those are unadvertised charges like the “Broadcast TV Fee” and “Regional Sports Fee” that cable companies use to jack up our bills while hiding the real cost of the service. The FCC order requires companies to “clearly and prominently” give customers the total price of their service upfront.

“TV providers often use deceptive junk fees to hide the real price of their services,” the FCC said. “The FCC is putting an end to this form of price masking…”

It would be better if these all-too-lightly-regulated companies didn’t charge such high prices to begin with–but this is a step in the right direction.

The FCC also is considering a proposal to ban early termination fees. Stay tuned!

The hopeful news: FCC set to vote to restore internet protections

The FCC has scheduled an April 25 vote on a proposal to restore “net neutrality” protections that the commission, under former leadership, killed in 2017. The proposed rules would treat broadband as an essential telecommunications service under Title II of the federal Communications Act. It would prohibit internet companies like AT&T, Comcast and Verizon from blocking or throttling internet traffic or selling “fast lanes” that prioritize some traffic over others.

This is a pocketbook issue: If website operators like Amazon are forced to pay internet providers more for a fast lane, they could charge us more for their services.

This is a popular issue with consumers. So far, more than 1,000 have signed our petition in support of these consumer protections. Please join them!


The bad news: Affordable internet program is on life support (act now!)

A call to action: Please send a message to Washington in favor of legislation that would continue the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). This helpful program gives people access to internet, but it is set to run out of money in a matter of weeks!

The ACP was created during the pandemic, giving lower-income households a discount on internet service. But because of a lack of funding, this month is set to be the last the ACP will provide full discounts on internet service. It will provide reduced benefits in May, until completely running out of money. Here’s why the ACP should be continued:

  • Broadband is an essential service, like power or water, and the ACP has been a huge success: More than 22 million homes–one in six nationwide–are using it to subscribe to broadband service.
  • The ACP is cost-effective: Affordable broadband gives people access to educational and employment opportunities that help them secure good jobs. Also, online health-care services save money for individual consumers and the Medicaid program.

The ACP has wide support, and that’s why a bipartisan group of legislators in Washington has proposed the Affordable Connectivity Program Extension Act, which would fund the program until the end of the year.

This is urgent. A Federal Communications Commission (FCC) survey found that more than three-quarters of the households in the ACP will experience service disruptions if it ends.