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30th Anniversary

‘Tis the Season! Enter to win LED holiday lights!

We’ve rounded the corner on Halloween and put our Thanksgiving leftovers behind us (although, unfortunately, not all those pumpkin-pie-pounds).  Now, it’s officially time to bust out the stockings, warm some cocoa, and hang the mistletoe! In honor of the season, CUB is spreading some holiday cheer to our dedicated followers across Illinois.  To say ‘Thank you’ for…...

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Fed up with soaring utility rates? Guv says: YES!

As the story goes, in the early 1980s a young activist trying to build support in Springfield for the creation of the Citizens Utility Board (CUB) bumped into a ComEd lobbyist who wore a three-piece suit. “Never in a million years” would there be a CUB, the lobbyist proclaimed. CUB was…...

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Congrats, Carole!

The loyalty of CUB members is simply astounding. Take for example Carole J. of Elgin, who has been a CUB supporter ever since the organization helped her dispute a hefty utility bill years ago. “I wasn’t even a member back then,” she says, “but I have been a member ever since.” We wanted to…...

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