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CUB’s NEW cable guide

When we last asked CUB members to name their worst bill, more than half said it was their cable/internet bill! In honor of CUB’s 35th anniversary, we’ve revamped our popular (and FREE) “Guide to Cutting Your TV Costs.” It has the most up-to-date information you need to reduce your bloated…...

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Top six cities hit by robocalls

Last month, CUB published its first-ever “Guide to Fighting Robocalls“, and over 1,500 people signed our petitions urging the Big Telecom companies to take action against the influx of these annoying calls. Some robocalls are necessary, like school closings, pharmacy reminders, etc. But many are flat-out scams. According to YouMail, Illinois…...

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CUB’s Guide to Reducing Robocalls

Earlier this month, we received such a passionate response to our call to action on robocalls (1,500+ signed our petition!), that we’ve created CUB’s Guide to Fighting Robocalls.  “Robocalls have become more than a nuisance,” Mary Anne wrote on CUB’s Facebook page. “I have been getting the same ones for years…...

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