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CUB membership

What does it mean to be a CUB member?

Over the next week, CUB will be emailing renewal notices to people who have donated in the past but have not renewed their CUB membership for 2024. We sometimes get asked about CUB’s renewal schedule, so we would like to explain:  What is a CUB member?  CUB memberships are based…...

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Executive Director’s February report

Here’s an update on the good work our donors helped make possible in 2019: The World Electric Vehicle Journal has published the CUB research team’s latest paper: “Charge for Less: An Analysis of Hourly Electricity Pricing for Electric Vehicles.” We found that a special ComEd pricing plan would have saved…...

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CUB’s offer to you for fighting rate hikes

It’s that time of year again; sunnier days, family vacations and…CUB membership! If you donate $25 or more to CUB before May 31, you will receive an insulated tote bag (large!) you can use all summer long. It’s perfect for your grocery store runs, picnics and beach parties. We want to show…...

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