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Gov. Rauner

CUB reacts to Gov. Rauner signing HB 4508, bad water bill

Statement by Bryan McDaniel, CUB’s Director of Governmental Affairs: We are disappointed that the General Assembly passed and, now, Gov. Bruce Rauner has signed House Bill 4508. CUB fought vigorously to improve this bill, arguing that customers of Illinois American Water and Aqua Illinois should not be forced to finance…...

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Urge Governor Rauner to veto House Bill 4508

The Illinois House and Senate have passed a bill that could raise water rates for many Illinois consumers. House Bill 4508 renews old legislation that allows Illinois American Water and Aqua Illinois–the big corporations pushing the bill–to raise existing customers’ rates in order to bankroll the purchase of municipal water…...

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Time is running out to voice your concerns over AT&T’s landline bill

We need you. AT&T wants the governor to sign Senate Bill 1839 so the phone giant can eventually end landline phone service in Illinois. Any day now Gov. Bruce Rauner could act on the legislation–so this is your last chance to ask the governor to veto SB 1839. Here’s what you can…...

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