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Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition

Disturbing new Peoples Gas filings shine light on mismanagement, stonewalling in troubled pipeline program

New filings with the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) reveal a disturbing pattern of mismanagement of the troubled Peoples Gas pipeline-replacement program, with the company not answering basic questions about the program and admitting it hasn’t done an overall cost-analysis in nearly a decade. (Read the joint release from Illinois PIRG…...

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BREAKING: Illinois House passes nation-leading clean energy legislation

The Illinois House late Thursday passed the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act (Senate Bill 2408)–historic, comprehensive clean energy legislation. The legislation now heads to the Senate on Monday for a final vote. (Urge your senator to say YES to this legislation.) SB 2408 passed 83-33 in the House. The Illinois…...

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Big step forward: Illinois Senate passes energy bill, now it’s on to the House

After more than two years pushing for comprehensive energy legislation that fights climate change and secures clean, affordable energy for Illinois, we’ve taken a key step forward this month. In the wee hours of the morning Wednesday, Sept. 1, the Illinois Senate passed legislation and sent it to the House.…...

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CUB, other advocates race against clock: General Assembly tries one more time to pass strong clean energy bill

UPDATE:  Early this morning, the Illinois Senate passed comprehensive clean energy legislation (Senate Bill 18) and sent it to the state House of Representatives. (The vote was 39-16-2.) That came after days of negotiations and two hearings by the Senate Committee on Energy and Public Utilities. While there is broad agreement…...

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