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Legislative Battles

Springfield Alert: Your action needed to stop “Right of First Refusal” proposals pushed by electric utilities

Remember last year’s big consumer victory, when Gov. J.B. Pritzker vetoed Ameren Illinois’ “Right of First Refusal” proposal? The plan would have needlessly raised costs for electric customers by giving Ameren a monopoly over transmission projects in its territory, and, thus, eliminating a competitive bidding process. It would have been…...

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CUB pushes for relief for Ameren customers

Ameren customers have suffered under electricity prices that have doubled–and they’ve paid hundreds of dollars more to power their homes over the past year. That’s why CUB and other consumer advocates are urging the Illinois General Assembly to secure $200 million in electric bill relief.  CUB covered the price spike…...

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Fighting for Illinois Consumers: CUB’s 2023 Legislative Agenda

Each year CUB works on a broad range of issues related to our core mission of saving consumers money on their utility bills. CUB’s priorities for the 2023 Illinois General Assembly session include the following: HB 2541- Representative Theresa Mah: This bill would cap the profit rate of electric, gas…...

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