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CUB pushes for relief for Ameren customers

Ameren customers have suffered under electricity prices that have doubled–and they’ve paid hundreds of dollars more to power their homes over the past year. That’s why CUB and other consumer advocates are urging the Illinois General Assembly to secure $200 million in electric bill relief. 

CUB covered the price spike in a blog earlier this year. When prices spiked last June, Ameren Illinois estimated residential customers would see a $626 annual increase on the power supply side of the bill or an average of $52 or more per month throughout the year. The increase is expected to last at least through May 31st, but prices could remain elevated over the next 12 months.  

While a $200 million relief package was passed in recent legislation, that money has yet to be appropriated in the legislative budget, meaning that consumers have yet to see direct bill relief. 

That’s why CUB and other consumer advocates are calling on legislators to do everything they can to appropriate the $200 million and give relief to Ameren customers as quickly as possible. 

Please sign our petition and let your legislators know you support relief for Ameren Illinois customers.

For more information on CUB’s legislative work, read our 2023 legislative agenda and visit the CUB Action Center for more ways you can get involved.