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Tell President Trump: Keep our utility service reliable and affordable

In an emergency like this, affordable utility service is vital, and that’s an important point to make with our leaders.  Please tell President Trump about CUB’s Utility Customers’ Bill of Rights, and urge him to support state and federal policies that will keep our electric, gas and telecom service reliable…...

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Take robocall fight to congress

A thousand Illinoisans signed last week’s petition urging the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to fight robocall scams. Thank you! While we have momentum, we need to hit this issue on multiple fronts. Let’s remind Congress that we’re tired of being bombarded with billions of robocalls, including scams that rob us…...

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Grim statistic: Record losses for supplier customers

The Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) recently reported that over the past year, customers of alternative electric suppliers lost a record $227.6 million, compared with what they would have paid with the regulated utilities, ComEd or Ameren. The electric market is in need of reform—but energy giants, like Exelon and Vistra,…...

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Tell Gov. Rauner to fight rate hikes that cover utility legal fees

Did you know that under Illinois law your hard-earned money helps to cover utility company legal fees?     According to a review by CUB’s legal department, ComEd, Ameren and the other big utilities have charged their Illinois customers about $60 million on legal fees and other expenses trying to…...

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Net neutrality: Not dead yet!

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted 3-2 last week to consider a plan that could divide the Internet into a fast lane and a slow lane for the haves and have-nots.  By opening a gate for companies to pay more for privileged access, the proposed plan threatens to squash competition, water down…...

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