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Grim statistic: Record losses for supplier customers

The Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) recently reported that over the past year, customers of alternative electric suppliers lost a record $227.6 million, compared with what they would have paid with the regulated utilities, ComEd or Ameren.

The electric market is in need of reform—but energy giants, like Exelon and Vistra, which own alternative suppliers, are standing in the way.

Please sign our petition to the big energy companies and tell them to stop blocking reform legislation in Springfield.

CUB endorsement: Good choices in the electric market

You hear us talk about rip-offs, but here are examples of GOOD programs.

ComEd Hourly Pricing and Ameren Power Smart Pricing:
Whether you’re with an alternative supplier or the utility’s regular rate, your price for electricity remains static throughout the day. But the actual wholesale market price is much lower than the utility default rate or a supplier rate most of the year.

Now you can take advantage of that market price with the Hourly Pricing or Power Smart Pricing program. While savings are not guaranteed, typical participants have saved an average of 15% on their electricity supply costs, compared with standard utility rates.

Get info on ComEd Hourly Pricing or Ameren Power Smart Pricing.

ComEd Peak Time Savings and Ameren Peak Time Rewards: 
If your home has a new smart meter, you can earn a credit on your electric bill when you participate in the voluntary, no-cost Peak Time Savings or Peak Time Rewards program.

Get info on ComEd Peak Time Savings or Ameren Peak Time Rewards.

Thanks for your support! You can read more on these supplier losses in CUB’s ICC report blog from last week.