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Power Smart Pricing

Did real-time pricing help electricity customers save in 2018?

by Cate York, Sustainable Communities Liaison at CUB Working as an outreach staffer for CUB takes me all over the state to talk to folks about how to save money on their utility bills. One of my favorite cost-saving measures to talk about is real-time pricing.  As any dedicated reader…...

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No joke, hourly electricity prices can actually drop below zero

Most ComEd customers are stuck on the utility’s standard electricity price that only changes twice a year, so it may be hard to believe that the actual market price of electricity can get really low, even, for short periods drop below zero. That’s right, the market price occasionally drops below…...

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Grim statistic: Record losses for supplier customers

The Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) recently reported that over the past year, customers of alternative electric suppliers lost a record $227.6 million, compared with what they would have paid with the regulated utilities, ComEd or Ameren. The electric market is in need of reform—but energy giants, like Exelon and Vistra,…...

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CUB recommended!

Did you know that ComEd and Ameren offer special pricing plans that could save you money?  Read more below! ComEd’s Hourly Pricing program  ComEd’s Hourly Pricing charges an hourly rate that reflects naturally fluctuating electricity prices. If you can delay your heaviest electricity usage to the times of day when prices…...

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