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Working hard for consumers in Springfield

Legislative update by Bryan McDaniel, CUB Director of Governmental Affairs A cold, snowy winter isn’t going to stop CUB from advocating on your behalf at the state Capitol. During the summer months I attend CUB outreach events in order to experience firsthand the best part of working at CUB, helping…...

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Stop spending abuses by Peoples Gas: Fight for HB 4898

CUB, AARP Illinois and Illinois PIRG this week held a news conference about the mismanagement and spiraling costs associated with a Peoples Gas plan to replace aging pipes underneath the city. How bad is it? An analysis by Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan found that if the program isn’t changed…...

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News Release: Proposed State Law Aims to Quash Spending Abuses by Peoples Gas in Bloated Pipe Replacement Program

A new bill pending in the Illinois General Assembly would eliminate the mechanism Peoples Gas has used to bankroll a pipe-replacement program widely decried for its rampantly escalating cost estimates and chronic waste and mismanagement. The proposed measure, championed by AARP Illinois, the Citizens Utility Board (CUB), and Illinois PIRG,…...

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Crain’s Chicago Business: Did Peoples Gas lie?

A new auditor’s report shows that Peoples Gas knew the estimated cost for a disastrous pipeline replacement project had spiked to $8 billion…but the company kept that detail close to the vest as it sought approval for a lucrative merger, according to Crain’s Chicago Business. In June, Wisconsin Energy won Illinois Commerce…...

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“A complete disaster”: The Peoples’ pipeline replacement program

A new report shows that a Peoples Gas pipeline replacement program has so far been full of hot air— and not much else! A recently released audit reveals Peoples’ multi-billion-dollar project to replace the City’s aging pipeline infrastructure has been plagued by mismanagement, inadequate quality controls, and faulty reporting and analysis. Consider this damning fact:…...

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Attorney General: Pump the brakes on Peoples pipeline project

In light of ballooning costs and allegations of mismanagement, Attorney General Madigan is asking Peoples Gas to back down from a pledge to complete its massive pipeline replacement project by 2030. In a brief filed March 27 with the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC), Madigan said that Peoples’ project has fallen seriously behind schedule…...

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