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Tell the White House: no bailouts for failing nuclear and coal plants

President Trump is considering a bailout of struggling nuclear and coal plants across the country to prevent a (non-existent) “grid emergency”. If the plan goes through, parts of the power sector would be nationalized for the next two years. For consumers, that means possibly paying billions of dollars more to prop…...

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New EDF/CUB study shows potential of real-time pricing to cut power bills

Ninety-seven percent of a sample of Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) customers would have saved money in 2016—without changing their electricity use—had they participated in a “real-time pricing” program in which power prices change hourly, according to new research released today. In a broad, first-of-its-kind study, Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and the Citizens…...

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Join the fight against a crippling solar tariff

This is a special update about a threat to clean energy—and we’re asking you to send a message to the White House to show your support for solar power. On Halloween, the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC)—a federal agency that provides trade expertise to the White House—recommended that President Trump…...

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