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Demand better from Big Cable!

A la carte cable television pricingIt’s easy to get frustrated scrolling through your cable TV lineup. First, there’s probably nothing on. Second, you’re likely paying good money for all of that nothing.

A CUB survey on cable TV indicates more than 78 percent of consumers are frustrated with their cable provider—mostly because of pricing. Another 90 percent either favor “a la carte” pricing—where consumers pay for only the channels they choose—or would like to learn more about it.

But Big Cable disagrees. Even though cable TV prices have risen 33 percent in the last eight years (compared to the Consumer Price Index rising just 15 percent), companies argue that consumers are better off paying for an all-you-can-eat television buffet, rather than choosing the channels they want to watch.

It’s time to demand better from Big Cable. Take a minute, turn off that episode of House Hunters, and SEND A MESSAGE to the chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee, U.S. Sen. Jay Rockefeller, asking him to champion legislation that would allow for “a la carte” cable service.

Right now, whether or not you watch HGTV is your choice. Whether or not you pay for it should be too.