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New CUB Video: How a smart power strip takes the bite out of vampire power

Go into your TV room and take a look at your entertainment system, with its Octopus-like tangle of wires and digital displays. The DVD player and sound system may be silent, but they’re costing you money. In fact this “vampire power,” from electronics and appliances that are plugged in but…...

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Demand better from Big Cable!

It’s easy to get frustrated scrolling through your cable TV lineup. First, there’s probably nothing on. Second, you’re likely paying good money for all of that nothing. A CUB survey on cable TV indicates more than 78 percent of consumers are frustrated with their cable provider—mostly because of pricing. Another 90 percent…...

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Is cable a waste of money, or not?

A new survey by CouponCabin.com indicates 45 percent of consumers think paying for cable TV is a waste of money. But here’s the kicker: 81 percent of us pay for it anyway. What do those numbers say? We don’t seem to mind paying for the programs and channels we actually…...

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