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Is cable a waste of money, or not?

Watching TVA new survey by CouponCabin.com indicates 45 percent of consumers think paying for cable TV is a waste of money. But here’s the kicker: 81 percent of us pay for it anyway.

What do those numbers say? We don’t seem to mind paying for the programs and channels we actually watch. It’s paying for the channels we don’t watch—likely most of the channels included in our package—that makes us feel like we’re being ripped off.  It’s like being forced to pay for an all-you-can-eat buffet when you only want a snack. A la carte pricing could solve this problem.

Despite how much we despise paying for channels we don’t watch, the survey says most of us (69 percent) pay $100 or less on our monthly bill, while 26 percent pay between $101 and $199. An unlucky (or television-addicted) 5 percent pay more than $200 every month, or $2,400+ per year or more.

Do you think cable is a waste of money? If a la carte pricing was available, what channels would you subscribe to?