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Unbundled Internet? 3 Things to Know

I made a big decision the other day: I’m breaking up with cable TV. When I move into my new apartment in August, I am parting ways with MTV, HBO, and CNN.  And I’m not alone—more and more people are choosing to forego cable in lieu of Netflix, Hulu, and….reading?…...

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Paid TV fails the lie detector test

Ever gotten the bait and switch from your cable company? Nowadays the best strategy to keep your TV and Internet bill low appears to be calling every few months to negotiate. CUB believes consumers should have the option of paying only for the channels they watch. If you agree, take…...

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Is cable a waste of money, or not?

A new survey by CouponCabin.com indicates 45 percent of consumers think paying for cable TV is a waste of money. But here’s the kicker: 81 percent of us pay for it anyway. What do those numbers say? We don’t seem to mind paying for the programs and channels we actually…...

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