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Municipal aggregation referenda results

Residents in 82 communities or counties have voted on whether they want local leaders to negotiate their power prices with ComEd or Ameren competitors.

Here’s an example of the referendum: 

Shall the (Name of county/municipality) have the authority to arrange for the supply of electricity for its residential and small commercial retail customers who have not opted out of such program?

Out of 82 referenda, 50 were in favor of aggregation. Check out the unofficial results:

Addieville Yes

Albion Yes

Algonquin Yes

Alma Yes

Bellewood No

Bond County No

Bridgeport Yes

Butler No

Carterville No

Caseyville No

Cisne Yes

Coalton Yes

Cortland Township Yes

Cuba Yes

DuBois No

East Gillespie Yes

Edinburg Yes

El Paso No

Farina Yes

Farmersville Yes

Farmington Tie

Flora Township Yes

Florence Township Yes

Goreville No

Grafton Yes

Greenview Yes

Griggsville Yes

Irving No

Irvington Yes

Jefferson County No

Johnson County No

Jonesboro No

Kane County Yes

Kell Yes

Kendall County Yes

Kent Township Yes

Kingston Township Yes

Lawrence County Yes

Lebanon No

Litchfield No

Medora No

Meredosia Yes

Monmouth Yes

Morrisonville Yes

Mulberry Grove Yes

Nokomis No

Norris City Yes

Omaha No

Orangeville Yes

Palos Township No

Pulaski County No

Raleigh No

Randolph County No

Raymond Yes

Richview Yes

Ridott Yes

Rock Grove Township Yes

St. Francisville Yes

Saline County No

Saunemin Yes

Shipman No

Sigel Yes

Sorento Yes

Stewardson Yes

Strasburg Yes

Sumner Yes

Swansea Yes

Sycamore Township Yes

Taylor Springs No

Ullin Yes

Union County No

Ursa Yes

Venedy Yes

Victor Township Yes

Virden No

Waggoner Yes

Wamac Tie

Watseka No

White City No

Windsor Yes

Winfield Township No

Witt No

Totals: 50  yes, 30 no, 2 ties

If your community did pass a referendum, read CUB’s fact sheet on “municipal aggregation” to learn some questions you should ask local officials.