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A special visit to Morris

Last week, we revealed the grand prize winner of our “I Love CUB” photo contest.  We asked CUB supporters across Illinois to show off what makes their community special– and, boy, did we get some great entries!

One that deserves special mention is from Marchene F., who took a photo of her husband standing in front of a sign for the Grundy County Corn Festival in Morris, IL.

Marchene F. from Morris, IL had great things to say about the Grundy County Fair, which includes fireworks, a parade, contests, and  art shows!

Marchene wrote a one-page letter exalting the great things to do at the Corn Festival: art shows, carnivals, fireworks, crafts, pie-eating contests, flea markets, animal shows, petting zoos, and more.  “It’s fun for any age!!” she wrote to us.

We could tell this was one woman who was proud of her community!


To show our appreciation for  Marchene’s town pride (and support for CUB!), we decided to drop off a little gift for her: a variety pack of energy-saving CFL light bulbs.

marcheneMarchene warmly welcomed us into her house and said she was excited and surprised by the gift.

“Oh, good, we use these in our house!” she said about the efficient light bulbs, which use up to 75 percent less energy than a traditional bulb.

It’s not surprising to hear that from a long-standing CUB member.  As the 68-year-old oral surgery assistant said, herself: “We believe in saving money and saving energy.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!  If you’re looking for more energy efficiency tips, visit CUB’s website: http://citizensutilityboard.org/EnergyEfficiency.html.