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ComEd Discounts: L-E-Delightful

20141022_LEDdiscount_blogWe don’t want to induce a panic, but we have big news: ComEd is discounting LED light bulbs! Time to run to your nearest hardware store to take advantage of these long-lasting, energy-efficient lighting marvels.

ComEd is offering the in-store instant discount as part of its Smart Ideas efficiency program.  (The utility is required to offer the program under state legislation that CUB supported.) Just look for the ComEd “Lower Price” sticker (see below) on bulbs at participating retail stores.  No coupon is required; the prices shown will reflect the $2- $4 markdown. You can see a list of retailers on CUB’s Smart Ideas fact sheet here.ComEd lower price sticker

So what’s so great about LEDs compared to traditional incandescent bulbs?

  • LEDs use about 75% less energy
  • LEDs last about 25 times longer
  • Savings for an LED light bulb add up to about $194 in energy costs over the bulb’s lifetime
  • LEDs come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes to fit your lighting needs

The evidence is clear:  LEDs are great for the environment AND your wallet.

You can read more info at CUB’s “Spotlight on LEDs” infographic or ComEd’s website.