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‘Tis the Season! Enter to win LED holiday lights!

We’ve rounded the corner on Halloween and put our Thanksgiving leftovers behind us (although, unfortunately, not all those pumpkin-pie-pounds).  Now, it’s officially time to bust out the stockings, warm some cocoa, and hang the mistletoe! In honor of the season, CUB is spreading some holiday cheer to our dedicated followers across Illinois.  To say ‘Thank you’ for…...

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ComEd Discounts: L-E-Delightful

We don’t want to induce a panic, but we have big news: ComEd is discounting LED light bulbs! Time to run to your nearest hardware store to take advantage of these long-lasting, energy-efficient lighting marvels. ComEd is offering the in-store instant discount as part of its Smart Ideas efficiency program.  (The utility is required to offer…...

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Nobel Prize winners put LEDs in the spotlight

Three scientists earned this year’s Nobel Prize in Physics for inventing the blue light-emitting diode (LED)–an essential part of creating white light from LED lamps. Red and green LEDs had been around since the 1960s, but blue LEDs had been a challenge for scientists for years. In the 1990s, however, Isamu Akasaki,…...

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CUB’s Earth Day Giveaway has a winner!

Congratulations to Sarah, the winner of CUB’s Earth Day Giveaway! She’s just won $25 off her next utility bill as well as an energy efficiency kit: an LED, a smart power strip, and a Kill A Watt. Runner-up winners were Nancy and Mary-Jo. Each will receive an LED bulb. Congrats! Sarah,…...

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Say hello to LEDs

New federal efficiency standards marked the death of the traditional incandescent light bulb in 2014. You have three new options for bulbs now: incandescents that meet the new standards (usually made with halogen), compact fluorescent lights (CFL), and light-emitting diodes (LEDs). We’ve made a nifty infographic for you to learn more…...

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