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Let’s not foot the bill for a gas utility’s mistakes!

The Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) is investigating a Peoples Gas pipe-replacement program after an audit found that it has been plagued by mismanagement.

The ICC’s audit reveals projected costs for the program have ballooned to $4.6 billion—and that could cause consumer rates to double over the next decade.

If that’s not bad enough, gas leaks have actually increased, not decreased, since the project began, according to the audit.

The cost of Peoples’ mistakes shouldn’t burden state ratepayers, especially as Wisconsin Energy (WE) seeks approval for a $5.7 billion buyout of Peoples’ parent company— Integrys Energy Group.

Before moving forward with Wisconsin Energy’s proposed $5.7 billion buyout of Peoples’ parent company—Integrys Energy Group—we should get to the bottom of the troubling questions surrounding the pipeline project.

Please send a message to the ICC. Tell regulators to continue the investigation and keep the pressure on Peoples Gas—so we don’t foot the bill for the utility’s blunders.