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CUB across Illinois!

20150618_ScottIllinoisMapScott Allen, the environmental outreach coordinator in CUB’s Hillsboro office, travels hundreds of miles a week to deliver advice on utility bills, partner with neighborhood organizations, and promote energy efficiency across the state.   It “gets a little hectic sometimes,” but Scott says he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I see something different every day,” Scott said.  “I meet a whole range of characters…That’s what I like about it.”

By May 2015, Scott had  traveled to more than 20 locations in Illinois, ranging from Bloomington to Marion (check out the map at the left to see all the places he has visited).

He says he finds it particularly rewarding to work with high-needs populations.  For instance, Scott recently attended the Summit of Hope, hosted by the Illinois Department of Corrections20140630_ScottQuote_fb, which helps ex-offenders establish their lives post-prison.  He also works with local community organizations and food pantries to help people navigate complicated utility-related issues.

“Definitely one of things I enjoy is helping someone else, especially when they have other issues to deal with on top of their utility bills,” he said. “We’re able to help out there… We do a lot of good work.”