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Fight electric price-gouging: Support HB 3038

The Citizens Utility Board (CUB) needs your help urging state legislators to pass a bill that shady electric suppliers don’t want.

This bill combats a major problem in Illinois: electricity suppliers that price-gouge customers with bad deals. (We’ve seen customers paying up to five times the utility rate—sad.)

The bill, called HB 3038, has to do with who’s responsible for collecting payments when an electric supplier charges an excessive price and people get behind on their bills. Under current law, the regulated utilities (ComEd or Ameren Illinois) have to collect payment. If utilities can’t collect (because customers can’t afford their bills), ALL Illinois customers have to cover those “uncollectible” costs. So shady electricity suppliers can charge whatever they want, knowing that if their customers can’t pay, those costs will be passed on to all of us.

Here’s how you can help today: Please send a message to your state legislators in favor of House Bill 3038, The Electric Supplier Accountability Act.

Most suppliers don’t price gouge, but if they do, HB 3038 would make it much more difficult for them to profit off bad deals.Take a stand—for all the retirees and hard-working families that have ever been price-gouged by an unregulated power supplier