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Your landline stories

Over the past couple of months, CUB has been collecting your stories about why you need to keep traditional landline service an option in Illinois. Here are some of the hundreds of messages we’ve received:

My landline gives me an extra feeling of security. Cellphones are great when out but landlines are best at home. Landlines are technology’s endangered species, please don’t make the landline extinct. SAVE the landline!- Christine, Chicago 

I have a landline as well as a cell phone but I find the landline to be more reliable as well as easier to hear on. I am an active 74 year old but concerned about having dependable service as I continue to age and live in my own home. Please keep them available for those of us who rely on them.- Pamela, Northbrook 

What makes me feel safe is the knowledge that I have landlines in every room and if I need help, the phone will work. It saved my life when I had a massive aortic hemorrhage when I called the Fire Department for help… Please do not take my landline. I am 83 years old. Thank you.-Mary, Des Plaines 

My land line is the only phone I have and can afford. If it’s taken away I will be without contact. I am disabled and occasionally need medical assistance and I have to call for an ambulance. I can’t afford a cell phone and have trouble with modern technology. Please do not take away my landline.- Christopher, Chicago 

When all else fails, landlines have voice clarity, and are reliable. I have one at home, and all our lines at work are landlines. They have never failed us.- Renee, Evanston

I own a land line and feel it is important for those of us who are older and have had to use it more than once for calling 911. I have older friends that do not have computers or cell phones–landlines are their lifelines. I feel very strongly that ATT should not be running our lives and telling us what phone service we should or should not have. They make billions of dollars now while we struggle. Thank you for listening.- Janet, Wheaton

AT&T has won state legislation to eventually end landline phone service in Illinois—but it still needs to get the OK from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). So this battle moves to Washington.