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Urge Congress: Don’t kill net neutrality!

As the fight to protect your Internet rights rages before the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the House of Representatives’ Energy and Commerce Committee is preparing to hold a hearing on “ground rules for the Internet,” which could  lead to anti-net neutrality laws backed by big Internet Service Providers (ISPs) like Verizon and AT&T.

“Net neutrality” refers to historic Internet consumer protections passed by the FCC in 2015. The protections STOP ISPs from 1) controlling our access to websites; 2) forcing website operators to pay more to avoid content getting blocked or slowed; and 3) obstructing a competitor’s Internet services to favor their own.

CUB cares about protecting your pocketbooks and make no mistake this is a pocketbook issue. If website operators like Amazon are forced to pay ISPs more for an “Internet fast lane,” they could charge us more for services. And small businesses that can’t pay more could get forced out, killing the technological innovation they bring to the market.

But net neutrality has a lot of enemies. The FCC’s new chairman (a former Verizon lawyer) is trying to dismantle it—and plenty of members of Congress support his efforts.

Please, let your representative in Congress know loud and clear that you oppose any effort on Capitol Hill to weaken or crush the current net neutrality consumer protections.