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Update: Your power bill and the White House

The White House is on a campaign to bail out struggling fossil-fuel plants—and raise our electricity costs. There’s been a new development, and we’re asking you to send a message to Washington.

What’s the update? The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has unveiled its proposal to replace the “Clean Power Plan.” (The Clean Power Plan was the first in U.S. history to limit carbon emissions from power plants.)

What’s the big deal? The replacement of the Clean Power Plan appears to be another way to bail out failing coal-fired power plants—and that would be bad for our electric bills in the long run.

What’s next? The EPA has launched a 60-day comment period. Here in Illinois we’ve made too much progress with the passage of the Future Energy Jobs Act to let Washington hurt us with bad policy.

Please tell the White House: Don’t increase our electric bills.

Read CUB’s review of the EPA’s new Affordable Clean Energy rule. We also encourage you to file a comment with the EPA.