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power bills

Overpaying by $4.4 billion? New report shows why we need electricity market reforms

We’re paying $4.4 billion more for electricity than we need to be. According to a new report, consumers all over the U.S.—including northern Illinois—are overpaying for a “capacity” charge that’s hidden on most electric bills. This is a major reason why CUB is fighting for the electricity-market reform provisions in…...

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Federal ruling “direct attack” on Illinois, CUB’s leader testifies

A federal regulatory ruling that threatens to raise electric bills by up to $864 million a year “punishes Illinois for our successful clean energy policies” and is a “direct attack” on the state’s authority to protect its residents, CUB Executive Director David Kolata told a legislative committee today. The recent…...

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Bill pending in IL General Assembly would quash the threat of $864M increase on Northern IL customers

Clean energy legislation pending before the General Assembly stands as the only viable alternative to an explosive increase in electricity costs—believed to be the largest in state history—for millions of Illinois consumers, following a recent regulatory ruling by appointees of President Trump, the Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition said Tuesday. The coalition…...

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Update on Ameren, ComEd delivery rates in 2020

When you’re taking on big utilities, the victories never come easy, but CUB’s legal team has some good news for ComEd and Ameren customers: Your delivery rates will be reduced in 2020. This is a nice development, but it’s been overshadowed by an upcoming ruling by the Federal Energy Regulatory…...

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Update: Your power bill and the White House

The White House is on a campaign to bail out struggling fossil-fuel plants—and raise our electricity costs. There’s been a new development, and we’re asking you to send a message to Washington. What’s the update? The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has unveiled its proposal to replace the “Clean Power Plan.” (The Clean…...

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Ameren: Big drop in electricity price expected June 1

Three years after Ameren Illinois customers were hit with a steep increase in the price for electricity, the utility told the Belleville News-Democrat that customers can now expect a big drop in the supply price on June 1. It’s a victory for Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan, CUB and all…...

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