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Time to tell AT&T: NO

AT&T Update: The phone company has mailed a letter that has some low-income seniors worried. That’s why we need you to take action. 

AT&T is ending a federal “Lifeline” discount that for years has helped some of its most vulnerable low-income customers afford traditional landline phone service.  (It appears on qualifying bills as the “Lifeline Discount.”)

“I will have to discontinue AT&T landline phone,” wrote one senior who received the letter. “I can’t afford it.”

AT&T still needs federal approval to end landline service in Illinois—and we’re fighting to stop the phone giant. As long as the company is still obligated to serve landline customers, it should keep the discount in place.

Please sign our petition and tell AT&T: Reinstate the Lifeline discount.

P.S. Stand up to a company that more than doubled its profits in 2017 ($29.5 billion) while it pushed to kill traditional phone service and the Internet consumer protections called “net neutrality.” Act now.

To get more information about AT&T’s move: Read our Q&A.