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Warn your neighbors

Warning: This fall, CUB uncovered one of the highest rates we’ve ever seen with an electric supplier.

With Just Energy, “Amy” was locked on a payment of $60 per month for her electricity supply. With the amount of electricity she used in October, that meant she paid 24.9 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh)—TRIPLE ComEd’s rate. (See photo.)

Had she been with ComEd, she would have paid just $17.57 (241 kilowatt-hours x 7.292 cents per kWh).

Amy is on a fixed income with two small children at home, and the high rate made it impossible for her to get current on her bill. That’s why CUB was happy to help her get a refund from Just Energy.

We’re battling billions of dollars in current and future rate hikes—but every day we’re also joining with Illinois consumers like Amy to fight bad deals and scams.

  • We’re taking complaints from people via our Consumer Hotline (1-800-669-5556), and scanning bills for rip-offs at hundreds of events across Illinois.
  • We’re fighting for better consumer protections in the General Assembly in Springfield.
  • We’re pushing for stronger gas protections at the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC)—just like we helped pass stronger electric protections last year. (And our legal team is currently involved in ICC investigations against three alternative electric suppliers accused of violating marketing regulations: LifeEnergy, National Gas & Electric and Star Energy Partners.)

Please look at your electric and gas bills and make sure you’re not paying an outrageous rate with an alternative supplier, and warn your neighbors too. (Visit CUBHelpCenter.com for more information.)

And thank you for supporting the fight against rate hikes and rip-offs across the state of Illinois.