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Warn your neighbors

Warning: This fall, CUB uncovered one of the highest rates we’ve ever seen with an electric supplier. With Just Energy, “Amy” was locked on a payment of $60 per month for her electricity supply. With the amount of electricity she used in October, that meant she paid 24.9 cents per…...

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CUB comes face-to-face with a sketchy alternative supplier

CUB warns consumers that alternative supplier plans can cost you a lot more than what you’d pay with your regulated utility. At a recent event, CUB’s Outreach Assistant Anairis Boror had an interesting encounter with people who seemed to be representing an alternative supplier. Anairis was working CUB’s table at…...

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Urgent: Fight electric/gas rip-offs in Springfield

Due to events in Springfield, we are making an urgent request to help us fight electric and gas rip-offs. Please send a message to the Illinois House in support of House Amendment 4 to Senate Bill 1531. The amendment would, among other things: Require the utility’s supply price to be…...

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‘We have a moral imperative to act’

By Bryan McDaniel CUB Director of Governmental Affairs I want to share my experience at a recent CUB utility bill clinic. It underscores why we’re so grateful for your support against rip offs and more than $8 billion in higher rates: When I’m not in Springfield working for pro-consumer legislation,…...

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Breaking: ComEd and Ameren have new power prices

As of Oct. 1, ComEd and Ameren Illinois are charging new electricity prices. ComEd: 6.388¢/kilowatt-hour (kWh) Ameren: 6.514¢/kilowatt-hour (kWh) for the first 800 kWh used; 4.776¢/kWh for usage over 800 kWh Why is it important to know this? Because the prices above are what you compare to any alternative supplier offer that is…...

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