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Breaking: Electricity rip-offs more likely this summer

96-year-old Elizabeth Davis gets ripped off every time she turns on the lights. She and other customers of alternative electric suppliers have overpaid by $600 million in recent years, according to the Illinois Attorney General’s Office.

That’s why I want to share this important news:

  • State legislators just passed some of the nation’s toughest protections against shady deals. But the HEAT Act won’t take effect until 2020. So scam artists will be out in full force this summer preying on people like Ms. Davis.
  • To fight the rising threat of these rip-offs, your donation today will be matched. We urgently need your support for our summer outreach campaign (120 free events in 12 weeks) to help prevent good people like Ms. Davis from getting victimized.

The retired social worker called CUB wondering why her bills were so high. We discovered she was overpaying by 38-50% with two different power suppliers. “I don’t even remember joining those people,” she told a TV station.

This is why we need your support: CUB’s summer outreach campaign will hold free events across Illinois to spot bad deals hiding on electric bills. We’ll also hand out money-saving LEDs and educate people about great efficiency programs and affordable clean energy.

It’s a lot of work to staff 120 free events in just 12 weeks, but Ms. Davis and all the other victims of bad deals are counting on us. Please…

  • Donate now: Help fight rip-offs and support CUB’s summer outreach campaign. (Your contribution will be matched, thanks to support from a generous Illinois family in honor of a loved one who passed away.)
  • Watch the TV story about Ms. Davis, and learn about the HEAT Act.

P.S. Remember, this month donations are matched to help fund CUB’s summer outreach campaign: 120 events over 12 weeks.