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Tell Gov. Pritzker what Washington did

CUB and other local organizations are a part of the Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition. Together, we’re working for passage of the Clean Energy Jobs Act (CEJA), to secure clean, low-cost energy.

Why our fight just got more urgent: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) this summer officially rolled back power-plant regulations designed to make our electricity cleaner and more affordable.

As Washington does everything it can to prop up failing, expensive and dirty coal-fired power plants, it’s vital that Illinois become a national leader in passing legislation that secures clean, low-cost energy for its residents: the CUB-supported Clean Energy Jobs Act (CEJA).

Please sign our petition to new Gov. J.B. Pritzker, urging him to support the Clean Energy Jobs Act.

  • Yes to clean, low-cost energy: The Chicago Sun-Times urged support for good energy legislation like the Clean Energy Jobs Act: Illinoisans “enjoy lower bills than people in surrounding states, and that advantage must be protected.”
  • CUB’s Clean Bill Campaign: This summer we plan to hold 120 events over 12 weeks as part of our 35th Anniversary Clean Bill Campaign. Big thanks to The Southern in Carbondale for printing CUB’s summer dos and don’ts.