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35th anniversary

Tell Gov. Pritzker what Washington did

Why our fight just got more urgent: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) this summer officially rolled back power-plant regulations designed to make our electricity cleaner and more affordable. As Washington does everything it can to prop up failing, expensive and dirty coal-fired power plants, it’s vital that Illinois become a…...

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Summertime with CUB: July 2019 events

Summer is here and you may already be feeling the heat…of your utility bills. CUB’s Outreach team is on track to staff at least 500 events this year as part of our 35th Anniversary Clean Bill Campaign. At any of our utility bill clinics, tabling events and speaking presentations, CUB…...

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Summer Do’s and Don’ts from CUB

In 2019, the Citizens Utility Board (CUB) is celebrating 35 years of serving as Illinois’ premier nonprofit watchdog for utility customers. We’ve helped save Illinoisans more than $20 billion over the years.  In honor of our anniversary, here are some of CUB’s summer Dos and Don’ts. DON’T…fall for electric rip-offs. ComEd’s…...

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CUB in your neighborhood: May 2019 events

After a busy Earth Month (staffing over 60 events in April), CUB’s Outreach team is back on the road to help more consumers this Spring. We’re aiming to staff at least 500 events in 2019, as part of CUB’s 35th Anniversary Clean Bill Campaign. The campaign’s goal is to clean…...

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In 2019, CUB celebrates 35 years of fighting for consumers

Remember how bad it was before the Citizens Utility Board (CUB)? It was the spring of 1983, and Gov.  “Big Jim” Thompson was in a packed theater in southern Illinois pitching a tax increase—but people were more interested in what he would do about utility bills. What he said sparked…...

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