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CUB in your neighborhood: August 2019 events

There’s just a few weeks of summer left, but you can catch CUB’s Outreach team on the road all year long. As part of CUB’s 35th Anniversary, we’re aiming to staff at least 500 events in 2019. This “Clean Bill Campaign” focuses on cleaning consumers’ bills of errors and areas where they can be saving more money.

At any of CUB’s events, a CUB expert can help you with your utility bills, questions about going solar and steps to enroll in energy efficiency programs. Click on any event below for more details.

Are you thinking about going solar? CUB is teaming up with Solarize Chicagoland to host numerous “solar power hour” info sessions around the Chicagloand area. Learn about the basics of solar, its financial implications for your property, and how the group-buy program works. Click here for a full list of upcoming sessions.

For more CUB events, visit our Events calendar.