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CUB utility bill clinics

Five questions every gas and electric customer should ask when reading their bills

CUB holds hundreds of events across Illinois to analyze consumer utility bills, but we also want to make sure people know to read it themselves if needed. “If you get a high bill, it’s important to ask a few questions,” said CUB Communications Director Jim Chilsen. Here are five questions…...

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CUB in your neighborhood: August 2019 events

There’s just a few weeks of summer left, but you can catch CUB’s Outreach team on the road all year long. As part of CUB’s 35th Anniversary, we’re aiming to staff at least 500 events in 2019. This “Clean Bill Campaign” focuses on cleaning consumers’ bills of errors and areas…...

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Alternative supplier salesman gives customer simple script to close sale: ‘Say yes’

When Delores met James, a salesman from Illinois Gas & Electric, she says she was a bit confused by his offer, but he insisted it was a good deal. She wanted to take notes, but James never gave her pen back after borrowing it to write on her bill. And what…...

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CUB shows AT&T customer how to cut long-distance bill in half

Thanks to Palos Township, CUB showed an AT&T customer how to cut her long-distance bill in half (and then some). The township organized a CUB utility bill clinic in Palos Hills this week. These days, CUB’s clinics typically focus on gas and electric bills, but we’re prepared to handle telecom…...

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We’ve seen too many rip-offs like this

Bryan McDaniel, CUB’s director of governmental affairs, gave this report after a recent utility bill clinic in Elgin: Last night I sat down with a nice woman by the name of “Paige.” Paige does not have her own car and someone gave her a ride to the event. She had…...

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