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Consumer advocates race against the clock to stop a big bill hike

As you know, CUB has been working to fend off a federal regulatory ruling that threatens to hit most Illinois consumers with a huge electric bill increase (up to $864 million a year). But we’re facing a roadblock and that’s why we need your help to fight an important and urgent battle.  

The pandemic has delayed Illinois General Assembly action, but federal regulators have given us a fast-approaching June 1 deadline to fend off the increase with state legislation. (We’re fighting for the Clean Energy Jobs Act, or CEJA.)  Still, there’s hope, if we can push federal regulators to allow states more time to protect themselves from the higher bills.  

Please sign our petition urging the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) and the power grid operator to request that  federal regulators extend the deadline—so we can have more time to pass CEJA.